Tuesday, August 6, 2013

K. Wise (@KStayWise) - "Bring It Back " Music Video [Preview]

K. wise grew up around the Grave Yard Projects in Dade County in Miami, FL. His parents decided to pack up the family and move to Louisville, KY when he was younger. The move was an adjustment considering that living the big city life in Miami to adjusting to trying to find ways to keep busy in Louisville. While in middle school, K. wise and a cousin started a group called “Skittles and Hershey”. The name came about figuring that all girls liked candy.So K. wise was known by the name Hershey. Trying to impress his father he came up with hundreds of songs and he would always get the same response from his father, “Keep working you are not ready.” K. wise was determined to take his music to another level. After his father Kenny Moe seen the seriousness of his passion for music, he built his son a state-of-the art studio in the basement of his home. His parents then decided to start a label named Mainstream Music Group and experienced difficulties in dealing with artist who really didn’t have dedication and couldn’t understand the concept of loyalty and building from the ground up. K.wise continued to work hard and developed his craft to become the artist that he is today. So now Mainstream Music Group is devoted to making sure that pop rap artist K. wise is well known all over the world.The newest single “Bring It Back” will be a party anthem in which all people can relate too. Look out for K. wise cd in the fall!!!!